Carbon Energized®, the revolutionary and innovative underwear line, is the result of the most precise textile and engineering research, “Carbon Energized Technology”.
The combination of Polypropylene Dryarn and Carbon Energized® fibre, provides constant and efficient transfer of high perspiration during physical activity, creating an optimal thermal K.
The use of this product provides great thermal performance and unique functionality.
• hypoallergenic, antibacterial, anti-mould and therefore has no unpleasant odour during and after use.
• as the fibre has been enhanced it does not absorb liquids: it does not get wet with sweat and dries quickly making it an “easy care” product.
• the change at the molecular level accentuates the thermal performance of the polypropylene; the contact with the hot body ( after exertion or during physical activity) and / or high temperature, allows the root of the molecule to open up more and achieve greater breathability, and if the body temperature lowers and / or the temperature drops, the external root of the fibre ends are going to preserve the thin air layer that forms between the skin and tissue, increasing the capacity and isothermal properties.

Some benefits using our garments CARBON ENERGIZED® – SEAMLESS:


CARBON ENERGIZED®  can help to attain a body temperature variation three times lower than garments made with different fibres, for example polyester, the most used fibre in sports garments.

The high level of breathability provided by our fabric allows moisture to evaporate faster and keep your body dryer.


CARBON ENERGIZED® during workout and daily use can improve the respiratory parameters and may decrease in some athletes the need for oxygen by an average value of three litres/minute.  


CARBON ENERGIZED® can lower your heart rate as much as 4 beats/minute than wearing a normal 100% polyester garment.

For example, in a 4 hour run session, you can obtain 1000 beats less.


CARBON ENERGIZED® working with a lower body temperature, in some athletes, can reduce the production of lactic acid in capillary blood by 12%.


CARBON ENERGIZED®  absorbs and disperses the negative anti static charge in the body through the fibres.


CARBON ENERGIZED® allows easier perspiration which is composed of 99% water and small amount of sugar and lipids.

Carried on our clothes, all these substances produce a source of bacteria.

All these metabolic activities cause the bacteria to produce some unpleasant odours, neutralised by CARBON ENERGIZED®.

So, with Carbon Energized underwear, summer and winter makes you remain dry and happy .....


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